Dust (zinc alloy, plastic beads, sterling silver, PLA filament, thread, string, cord, rope)

Costume jewelry necklace purchased off the internet, details of production unknown. Sampaguita handmade entirely in silver, commissioned from and designed by John Rey, a local silversmith. A 3D print from scans made at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts Fablab, next to ones from 3D models by Arsenio Lukban. A necklace of threads, a collection of ordinary white string and rope found at home and in sewing and hardware stores. Objects professionally photographed by Joey Alvero.

Of sampaguita, ilang-ilang

This exhibition contains narrations on and reinterpretations of the sampaguita garland – a common object and industry found throughout the Philippines and is made with the country’s official national flower.

In fine white thread, sampaguita and ilang-ilang flowers are strung together to create fragrant garlands with spiritual and practical functions. They are sold in front of churches or peddled to people in transit, decorating religious statues and altars in churches and homes or hung over rear-view mirrors as natural air fresheners.

Working remotely from their locations in Metro Manila, Melbourne and Laguna, the artists look into the nature of flora as ubiquitous in each setting, how some are glorified or exoticised, and how value shifts alongside these transpositions. The works examine the materiality of symbols, and how meaning changes as the sampaguita and ilang-ilang are carried from place to place.

Of sampaguita, ilang-ilang
Group exhibition with MJ Flamiano and Czar Kristoff
c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, Australia
30 January - 24 February 2019

                                                                 Jacqui Shelton

                                                  Aaron Christopher Rees